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I, Me and Myself

Recent development in our professional society (Industries), I  met a person while I was talking to him informally I came to know that he is working for Industries, so I asked him in which department he is working. I was stunned after I heard this beautiful answer:  I am a production guy, but I have to look for Quality, Marketing oh I said how?  Again a very confident throw by him, since my Quality and Marketing team are not working properly I take care of both the departments of my plants; as per my knowledge the company is more than 150 crs. Turnover with the good team of Marketing and Quality. Now, this was really an alarm for me; he kept me wondering that how can a person work in quality and marketing with the core specialization and experience in production. What would be his output? How is he managing the time? Who is taking care of production when he is out for marketing? How would he be dealing with marketing terms and techniques with no experience in marketing? What sort of rep…

Do we make use of social media?

Human are social animals they always enjoy discussing and chatting within the group, they love to share and grab the attention of others, this vary from person to person, some love to waste their time and get no output and some do not want to waste the time and grab the opportunity in this era of competition.
when we all are running behind success and growth it has really become important to decide our priorities, think are we in the stage of losing the opportunities or we should miss a single chance and grab the opportunity.
Now the human nature plays your role. Most of the time start with "Hi" then "What do you do" when we realize that we are talking to a dignified person do we stop ourselves from asking next unproductive question like “r u married”, “how many kids you have” “would you like to be my friend"; unfortunately many times no.

Is is not the correct time to realize the importance of your time; on the other those who are serious they have a different op…