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I, Me and Myself

Recent development in our professional society (Industries), I  met a person while I was talking to him informally I came to know that he is working for Industries, so I asked him in which department he is working. I was stunned after I heard this beautiful answer:  I am a production guy, but I have to look for Quality, Marketing oh I said how?  Again a very confident throw by him, since my Quality and Marketing team are not working properly I take care of both the departments of my plants; as per my knowledge the company is more than 150 crs. Turnover with the good team of Marketing and Quality. Now, this was really an alarm for me; he kept me wondering that how can a person work in quality and marketing with the core specialization and experience in production. What would be his output? How is he managing the time? Who is taking care of production when he is out for marketing? How would he be dealing with marketing terms and techniques with no experience in marketing? What sort of rep…

Do we make use of social media?

Human are social animals they always enjoy discussing and chatting within the group, they love to share and grab the attention of others, this vary from person to person, some love to waste their time and get no output and some do not want to waste the time and grab the opportunity in this era of competition.
when we all are running behind success and growth it has really become important to decide our priorities, think are we in the stage of losing the opportunities or we should miss a single chance and grab the opportunity.
Now the human nature plays your role. Most of the time start with "Hi" then "What do you do" when we realize that we are talking to a dignified person do we stop ourselves from asking next unproductive question like “r u married”, “how many kids you have” “would you like to be my friend"; unfortunately many times no.

Is is not the correct time to realize the importance of your time; on the other those who are serious they have a different op…

Cost of wrong appointment to fill right vacancies

There is a smaller margin for error today in hiring and promoting people into key positions, and a greater need to target development efforts to ensure that they really make a difference. A bad senior-level hire or promotion can severely damage a company’s external brand, affecting customer trust and loyalty, and resulting in lost commercial opportunity.
-Brian Clapp
It is very painful to see young generation taking wrong decision of their career as well as the company’s for their growth. In this competitive world the people are putting up their best to get the best. Most of the time in an effort to hire senior at the low cost companies hire a person who is not eligible for that position, it is like“Placing a wrong person in right place”. Getting position is difficult; true but to remain / maintain that position is more difficult,unless the leaders have leadership qualities it is very difficult to justify the position and leadership quality can only be earned by the experience not by th…

Women – “From Homemaker to Manager, She can take the World”

It is old news all over the world and even in India that women are doing equally responsible and challenging job like men do to earn bread and butter. The woman,working are still facing unique challenges, unique because all of them are not logical and somehow they are just because of inherited social taboo in all living race on this planet.  

 Working Woman in India has very different and more challenging schedule as our society has clearly defined work for women and men. New economic equations are challenging the old definition and distribution of work and somehow the redistribution of work today is not done with the fresh idea of justice. Patriarchy attitude has brought inequality in the value of work as work. 

Cooking, cleaning, rearing children are some of the work which is considered as woman’s work in a most part of the India. It is the toughest test of the patient, ability, energy and her managerial skills at home as well as on the job.

On the job or off the job, both the places…

Tips to manage ego at work place for just entered professional

Even superman does self introspection to accept and convert weakness into strengths.  Though this is utopian example but in professional career we do face situation where ego becomes obstacle in the professional as well as personal growth. Following are the few basic tips to manage the ego smartly at workplace in professional career and win the situation.    
·Accept the weakness “Nobody is perfect “ Nobody is prefect; everyone in this world is mix of strength & weakness, in professional career. Whenever you come across to it first accept it within yourself and try to find the way to overcome. This ever learning attitude will not only enhance your skills but will also develop your personality. ·Be flexible towards change is “KEY TO SUCCESS” Welcome the changes around you weather it is a systemic change in work environment or people around you. Flexibility towards changes will give you stress free environment and work enjoyment. Generally people become rigid towards changes, accept…