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Small Idea's that lead to Big Revolution

Tired of getting work done motivating your employees try this….. Management sometimes lives with the perceptionthat only big rewards can retain & motivate employees but it can beother way. Small regular motivational happy shocks can be a key tool in generating, retaining and maintaining employees happiness as it is said “Choti – ChotiCheezome hikhushiyahai” 
Here are some of the motivational happy shocks Events related to festival ( small gathering with some entertainment and followed by lunch or dinner) and even events not related to festivals like recognition of performance for the year , celebration of national festivals or it may be monthly recognition of your performance, HR Department can make these small functions into long term motivational investment. These functions not only motivate employee but also create a good team work learning session during organizing these functions by delegating responsibilities to the person as per their hobbies and interest because they  will pa…

Causes of Conflicts in organisation

“Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to conflict -- alternatives to passive or aggressive responses, alternatives to violence.”
― Dorothy Thompson

Conflicts mean disagreement between the employee and the management or between the two employees or if the employee starts expecting more than the performance, it may also arise because of insecurity or lack of transparency between the employee and the employer.
Some time some organization believe that understanding the causes of organizational conflicts is waste of time in this world of competition, employee should only focus on the productivity, which is very true, but at the same time this is also true that conflicts reduces the productivity, efficiency and many time it also happens that organizational conflicts in organization gets out of control which ultimately lead to loss in productivity healthy & stress free environment.
Have a look on the causes of conflicts in industries……

Managing Stress in Desi Style

Freedom means life without comparison.

  In today’s busy life managing stress has become very difficult , managing deadline, demands, frustration, managing home with our work life, managing children’s, etc., Stress now a day is not only seen in working people but it can be seen in housewife, children’s they are also loaded with lots of homework’s extracurricular activities, competition, etc., there are so many things running in single mind. For many, stress is so common for them that it has become their way of life. Stress if taken positively it help us in boosting and teaches us to perform in pressure also. Here are some tips to manage stress … 1.Always motivate yourself to give your best. 2.Try to finish your work at least 5 min earlier. Don’t be always in an emergency 3.Give at least 10-20 min peace to your mind, enjoy whatever you do. 4.The most important thing is enjoying your work, it is you who have to fight with the situation then why not enjoy, instead of taking the stress and doin…