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Accreditation & Indian B Schools.

Indian B Schools mainly cater to local students who will predominantly find employment in local Indian business houses; why are these schools than expected to traverse the contentious issue of adopting standards prescribed by International accreditation agencies? Standards more relevant to institutions functioning abroad in different business environments? Are the AICTE or NAAC or NAB standards found inferior or wanting?

Managing is the process of getting things done to achieve the target to help in the achievement of the common objective of the people and the organization. Management existed even during the ancient civilization. Collecting food, hunting, etc was part of management. Where there are existences there is management even if you see animals, birds all are doing management in their day to day lives. Our Mahabharat, Ramayana, Quran, Bible is full of management.
Kids start learning management at their early upbringing stage. India is the multicultural, multilingual place with …
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Pinch of Management from Nature

Determination is the most vital factor in success, without which reaching own goals is merely impossible. People around you who care for you can motivate you, guide you for achieving your success but without own willingness and determination to change yourself nothing is possible. It is you who have to drive yourself towards success and keep continue fighting for your goals.
Recently I visited one of the magnificent botanical gardens there was one independent section for bonsai plants, I felt bizarre to visit that place I entered and witnessed many plants neatly arranged in the miniature pots. While I was watching this gorgeous place two plants enticed my attention by there unique appearance, these plants even though they were bonsai and kept in the diminutive pot by some means they managed to grow larger than the actual bonsai in the same tiny space. Yes! That was an amazing example of determination and the same applies to humans too if a person determines to be successful then you ar…

Big egos are big shields for lots of empty space

Consider Humans as Humans and solve problems professionally at work so that you enjoy work, stay happy and let others be happy

The ego is the person's self-esteem or self-importance.Your ego is your conscious mind, the part of your identity that you consider your "self." If you say someone has "a big ego," then you are saying he is too full of herself/himself. The ego consists of every belief we believe about who we are and what we are it locks our mind and doesn't allow the free flow of ideas, it forces an individual to be inhuman and doesn't permit the person to respect others, their ideas, their temperament. Ego comes once the person creates his own identity in his mind but that's simply a story created, written and executed by the person in their minds.
Even superman will self-introspection to just accept and convert weakness into strengths although this is often utopian example however in the professional career, we have a tendency to do face s…

Role of HR in Higher Education!

Neglecting human resources are like a person functioning without a heart.
Appreciate the real value of human resources. "Human resources are like natural resources; they're often buried deep. You have to go looking for them; they're not just lying around on the surface." - Ken Robinson
Education is changed dramatically due to technological advances. Gone are the days of a professor lecturing to a classroom full of students and writing notes on a blackboard. For instance, some of the best courses are taught completely online. Others consist of online lectures with team-based projects, flip learning and presentations in a classroom. While teachers are slowly gearing up to the new reality, the administration is still archaic. Conventionally, the universities' payroll, attendance, and other routine HR work were handled by administrative officers, largely debatable was the role of an administrative officer in colleges and universities. She/he uses to take care of routin…

Importance of professional ethics in the productivity of the organization

The economy is in deceleration and jobs are scarce. People try hard and use all the personal influences to get a job. There is a survival trait among all of us, however, this survival trait if acquired by an incompetent person is likely to lead to the toxicity in an organization. The survival trait perse is not negative if the person uses it to upgrade and meet the expectations of the organization will not only add in the productivity of the organization but will also help in individual development. If the survival trait is combined with insecurity perception creates a lot of conflicts and unethical behaviour among the employees. Hence to sustain themselves these employees use a battery of techniques.   One such technique is writing letters against peers, superiors, and organizations irrespective of departments and duties. This kind of behaviour is destruction in the working environment and loss of productivity. One question is why it is so pronounced in India? It is one of the traits …

Match yourself with the beat of Performance

At the outset when we reach home, we have one question in our mind have we performed for the day? Was our performance making difference? Are we doing good or great? Don’t be afraid of these questions because if you are getting these then you are serious and dedicated towards your work. There is a very thin line between responsibilities and performance, responsibilities are given to you and performance is your innovation in your work.
 Performance is the achievement of goal before the time period which helps the organization to grow and succeed which is a link between the work of an employee, teamwork within the department and another related department which works for the common goal for the accomplishment of organization vision and mission.
Like the beat of the instruments give the rhythm to the songs same way beat of leadership qualities makes you a good performer and brings rhythm in your career, developing leadership quality in the early stage of your career is ideal idea, which ca…

The need of Human Resource in Higher Education: ”A Roller-Coaster Game”

Globalization has a significant impact on the structure and function of higher education because it provides a diversity of talent and makes the young generation ready for the industry. For an organization to succeed teamwork plays an important role. No doubt handling manpower in the current scenario has become more challenging than earlier when the people were serious and committed towards their jobs. Due to an increase in the number of job opportunities, there is a lack of commitment in the employees. When students are from diverse culture, recruiting faculties from a multi-cultural background for a mix of best skills and cultural adaptability has become a challenge for human resource, but also a big reward in terms of the long-term development of the educational institutes and universities. To create the future of nation we need good creators, i..e good teachers (Gurus) because they are the creators of our nation. A good teacher can make the life of a student and bad teacher can spo…