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Big egos are big shields for lots of empty space

Consider Humans as Humans and solve problems professionally at work so that you enjoy work, stay happy and let others be happy

The ego is the person's self-esteem or self-importance.  Your ego is your conscious mind, the part of your identity that you consider your "self." If you say someone has "a big ego," then you are saying he is too full of herself/himself. The ego consists of every belief we believe about who we are and what we are it locks our mind and doesn't allow the free flow of ideas, it forces an individual to be inhuman and doesn't permit the person to respect others, their ideas, their temperament. Ego comes once the person creates his own identity in his mind but that's simply a story created, written and executed by the person in their minds.

Even superman will self-introspection to just accept and convert weakness into strengths although this is often utopian example however in the professional career, we have a tendency to do face scenario wherever the ego becomes an obstacle within the professional life and thwarts personal growth.

There is a very thin line between ego and self-respect, which many times people fail to understand the difference between the two. Ego’s at the workplace are nocuous to the organization, it affects teamwork, superior find it difficult in getting the work done.

Most of the time in an organization ego becomes the cause of low productivity, politics, lack of teamwork and communication gap. Organization structure is meant for proper reporting structure and teamwork, few people believe that they are master of all they think everything can be managed by themselves and hence everything should go through them in this process they spoil the organization structure by allowing the people to bypass their superiors which many times leads to an unpleasant environment in the organization.

When we are not in the position to accept our weaknesses, we try to cover up in our ego we must understand Nobody is ideal; all human beings are a blend of strength & weakness, in their personal and professional career. Whenever you come across your weaknesses first accept it and try to conquer it. This ever-gaining knowledge of mindset will not only handiest beautify your abilities but can even broaden your character. Train yourself in such a way that your mind does not control you and your body, it is you who should control your mind and body. Train yourself to be ready for any challenge by keeping yourself upgraded.



Shekhar said…
Yes please. A balanced approach is a must at the higher levels of profession. It's not easy to change ones own attitude of expecting the perfection from everyone. But the same attitude can be misconstrued as ego by others.

Learn to pick up the traits like going slow at times and waiting for the turn

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