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Match yourself with the beat of Performance

At the outset when we reach home, we have one question in our mind have we performed for the day? Was our performance making difference? Are we doing good or great? Don’t be afraid of these questions because if you are getting these then you are serious and dedicated towards your work. There is a very thin line between responsibilities and performance, responsibilities are given to you and performance is your innovation in your work.
 Performance is the achievement of goal before the time period which helps the organization to grow and succeed which is a link between the work of an employee, teamwork within the department and another related department which works for the common goal for the accomplishment of organization vision and mission.
Like the beat of the instruments give the rhythm to the songs same way beat of leadership qualities makes you a good performer and brings rhythm in your career, developing leadership quality in the early stage of your career is ideal idea, which can be nurtured slowly gradually and with the experience, take halt on every station of your journey towards learning check if nothing is wrong in your rhythm of leadership, you get to know the in and out of the leadership quality and you will complete your journey towards success. Leadership is a systematic approach towards the expansion of your performance which should be learned step wise it is the journey, and this journey will lead you to the successful performer.
 Leadership varies from person to person, however human nature plays vital role which depends on many factors of your life that is your cultural background, education, friends, family plays a very major role in your leadership style, more numbers of leaders in the organization, leads to the success and growth of the organization however the demand and need of the different leadership style is different and varies as per the situation.
 The success of any organization does not only depend on teamwork, for success, one should also have the capable team members those who are also a good team player that makes a good team and good teamwork which leads organization towards growth.  Leader's never praised themselves good leader will always give the credit to the team, they will never come and exaggerate the things, neither they will ever say that they are overloaded with the work, good leader delegates the work to the team members, they never sell themselves, the mother will always things about the child first whether it is food, clothes, security, education anything good, leaders are like mother the first thing that comes in their mind is their teammates.
 There are people those who know to sells themselves they know how to elaborate and exaggerate the things, they will show that they are working but they are the distractor for the team. Many times, these people become the demotivating factor for the performer, unfortunately, the seniors also many times fail to understand this.
 Management should learn to appreciate the employees who are not liked much but they are good team leader their area shows good performance and they always stand for their team member these are the good indicator for management to see their leaders in their organization, preserve them they are rare. PERFORMANCE = Pain + Effort + Redesign + Focus + Optimistic + Reliable + Moral + Ambitious+ Nurture + Challenge + Ethics leads to the success of organization.


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